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1 \ Executive Coaching

Are you or is someone in your team a Roger? 
Roger was a high-performing corporate executive. His functional deliverables were strong and he had a grasp of the technical side of the business better than anyone else. But Roger didn’t connect effectively with people on a personal level, including key stakeholders, impacting his ability to influence others and excel as a leader. Roger received this feedback, and quickly realized that he was stalling in his career, and he understood that this next phase required meaningful personal growth. 
Through coaching, Roger explored his thinking-feeling and behaviour patterns, and the personal obstacles he had engineered for himself. He learned that he can form relationships in ways that, while challenging, still felt authentic and natural to him. Through his perseverance and commitment, Roger started to build meaningful and trusting partnerships, and secured a promotion in the process. 
The International Coaching Federation defines coaching “as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. The process of coaching often unlocks previously untapped sources of imagination, productivity and leadership.”
At Aware Minds, we believe that a strong coaching engagement is self-directed, results-oriented and challenging. We co-develop a transparent structure with our clients to create and maintain focus, whilst still allowing flexibility to evolve this in the course of the program. Last but not least, we maintain strict confidentiality as defined by the International Coaching Federation and laid out here. Hyperlink to ICF ethics page. 
Our corporate and individual clients are open to new ways of learning and growing. They’re committed to an exploration of their assumptions and biases, and willing to engage in owning their actions and coaching outcomes. 
Our coaching packages are customized to individual and organizational needs. All include a complimentary chemistry meeting with the client. In addition, engagements may include other services as requested, such as mid-program coaching reviews, stakeholder interviews, goal-setting meetings, shadowing meetings and other customized elements.
If you’re interested in a thinking partner to explore this kind of highly engaging and personalized avenue to unlock your growth potential, inquire about our coaching programs here.


2 \ Team Coaching

Managing virtual, international and multi-cultural (VIM) teams means that there are bound to be challenges along the way. One of these challenges is that companies are adopting teams over hierarchies without understanding the dynamics this gives rise to, and the knowledge of how to operate effectively in this structure.  
Without support, teams may operate in silos, run into conflict, experience absence of trust and accountability amongst other issues. However, given attention and support, they can be transformed into becoming highly productive, engaging and synergistic.  
At Aware Minds, team coaching involves a dual focus on performance and process: 

  • We support enhancement of the team’s performance by understanding and breaking down content, situations, tasks, and outcomes, and we challenge strategy to ensure goals and directions are relevant. 

  • We also study the process to observe patterns of behaviour, use of language (verbal and non-verbal) and biases. We create an awareness of these elements, leading to self-reflection and an adoption of more constructive processes to drive team dynamics. 

If you have a team exhibiting untapped potential, contact us to learn more about our team coaching offering.


3 \ Collective Leadership Development

In addition to individual and team coaching, Aware Minds also offers leadership programs for organizations. We are highly experienced in designing and delivering development programs and workshops either face-to-face or virtually. 
We can either customize solutions for your current needs or offer from a range of highly relevant and impactful leadership topics such as personal branding, resilience, conducting challenging conversations, managing transitions, coaching and influencing skills. We also offer workshops on DiSC for individuals or teams, focusing on collective effectiveness through an enhanced understanding of each other’s preferences. Workshops vary in length from 2 hours to half/ full-day to multi-module programs delivered over a longer period of time.
Current and past clients include companies of different sizes in various industries such as supply chain, fashion, logistics, entertainment, oil and gas, manufacturing, and FMCG operating in Asia, Europe and the US. 
Please email us to inquire about our standard or customized workshops for your team.


Public Programs


Whether you already have strong leadership skills, or are looking to develop specific traits, we all need some fine-tuning and inspiration. And sometimes, our companies don’t offer us the kind of self-development we’re looking for. Aware Minds has solved for this by opening up popular programs for public consumption. These short workshops deliver a concise message with practical tips that can be taken away and applied immediately. 

1 \ Navigating the INbetween

Are you in between jobs or considering pivoting to another profession? Or, in the process of moving to a new country? Are you getting back to work after a break? Retiring? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this program is for you. 
The INbetween is the phase when change starts to take hold but it’s far from settled, leaving us feeling lost, uncertain and confused. This program is designed to help you navigate this phase by understanding the anatomy of change and forging a path ahead. 
Participants will leave the program with a heightened level of confidence in their ability to steer themselves in the right direction as they negotiate uncertainties, and begin arriving at their desired destination with a sense of ease.

The InBetween program consists of 7 modules, held over 7 consecutive weeks. Learn more here, and contact us to inquire further.


2 \ Personal Branding

Jeff Bezos once said, “Your personal brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.” 
Branding is not just for companies. Whether we realize it or not, each of us has a personal brand. Your personal brand is how the world views you based on how you have presented yourself over a period of time. An effective personal brand will differentiate you from others and act as a conduit to building trust with potential clients, partners and employers. 
Do you know what your personal brand is? Participants of these workshops will learn how personal brands are formed and leave with clarity on how to transform and manage their brands.
Personal branding is delivered in two 2-hour modules. Contact us to inquire further.

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“I attended several workshops she delivered on resilience and difficult conversations. She manages to include everyone in the conversation no matter if the session takes place in a room or in Zoom. Working with Siru is always an opportunity to learn something, she has been a formidable partner!”

- Global Project Manager

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